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United Way of Southern Chester County
Proudly serving residents from Chadds Ford south to Nottingham
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Our Mission

We have one simple mission... to improve the lives of our southern Chester County neighbors in need. With your donations, we work to move these neighbors from crisis to independence.

Whatever stage of life or need, United Way is there to help and support them through our funded programs.

How Your Dollars are Spent


Who decides?  YOU do!

How Does United Way Decide Where Your Donations Are Distributed Throughout The Community?

We rely on a very unique process called "allocations" which puts the process directly into the hands of trained community volunteers.

Each year, we invite non-profit agencies from our community to submit funding requests for specific programs targeting Crisis Intervention, Promoting Stability and Sustainability in People's Lives, and Transitioning People to Independence through Education. They provide detailed application materials and then make a presentation to our panels, who ask probing questions about agency management, measurable results, and efficiencies.

We train 75+ local volunteers to serve as allocation panelists. All are eager to make sure your donations are used efficiently for maximum effect.

Paramount to every funding decision is the program's ability to offer life-altering change for needy residents of our southern Chester County community.

Our allocation panelists discuss material presented, weigh benefits, and make tough decisions for funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. Deliberations are always difficult because funding requests typically EXCEED dollars to allocate by more than $150,000 each year!

Then funds are distributed to the selected high-quality programs administered by our competent and professional partner agencies. Your dollars make a direct and positive impact on the lives of your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

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